We, the Lord Denning Centre for Justice, Persons' Rights Promotion and Advocacy, are a non-governmental organization that seeks to:

  • Provide legal aid to the indigent and needy - This would include free legal counselling, probate advisory services, litigation and representation before relevant bodies and institutions, sensitization programs on rights of persons.
  • Render free social welfare services - this would include matrimonial/family counselling, ¬†capacity building services for orphanages and care centres, creating needs awareness for such centres, internal and external mobilization of resources for such centres; pursue the welfare of prisoners and persons in custody.
  • Promote the welfare of workers - this would include efforts at ensuring that workers are fairly treated, conditions of employment are fair and humane, people are not perpetually kept as casual workers (non-exploitation of workers); put a limit on the number of casual workers, enable the timely access to severance and pension entitlements.
  • Promote and entrench the practice of democracy, accountability by public office holders, rule of law and good governance in the Nigerian society.

who we are